Passionate About the
Bruce Peninsula

The Beautiful Bruce Peninsula has been my home for over 25 years.  During that time, I have represented  extraordinary people and exception properties as a local Real Estate Broker, for over 21 years.
I have been told over and over again, from my clients, that my "Love The One You're With" philosophy is endearing and respected by them.  When I'm with you, as a client, buyer or seller, you have my full attention.  I do not take any phone calls or respond to emails or texts.  Although they too are important, the one I'm with is "the" most important.  Calls and emails can be responded to in a timely fashion.
Making people happy is my job.  Selling your home/property or finding you the perfect home/property is my goal.  When Seller and Buyer are happy, then I'm happy.  It's that simple.
In the over 21 years in this business, I have sold, resold (sometimes many times), shown, viewed, valued, and visited most of the homes/properties on the Bruce Peninsula.  The area is after all limited in space due to it's extraordinary and protected beauty.
I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge of the area, my experience has given me the skills to be in tune with what individuals want and need, my perseverance pushes me to excel, I never stop learning and I always works towards my goal of making others happy.
Here's a few questions and answers to help in your decision to work with me or any other Realtor®.

Can I contact you outside of business hours?

While I do enjoy and need personal time, you can always count on me to respond to your requests as quickly as possible...whether during traditional business hours or outside of those hours.  Today's technology offers you so many points of contact, via phone, email and text.  If I'm not immediately available, at odd times, you can count on me to get back to you on a timely basis.

Why should we use you and not a city Realtor®?

You most certainly can use any Realtor® of your choice.  I am a local Realtor® who lives, works and plays in this area and know about all things that affect property use on the Bruce Peninsula.  This is my expertise focus...I don't go beyond the Peninsula borders. I bring to the table a wealth of information and experience that's hard for an out of town Realtor® to know or understand without sufficient research, time, learning and exploring the area.

Why do I need a Realtor®?

A Realtor® can get you valuable information to help you make an informed decision.  A Realtor® will ensure that your Real Estate Transaction is completed competently and professionally.  A Realtor offers you intimate knowledge of the local Market.  You always want to work with a Realtor® who you can trust to have the knowledge, skills and experience to navigate the challenges of a purchase or a sale.

Can you work with clients long distance?

With today's technology working with a Client Long Distance is a breeze.  Except for a personal visit to the property (which I most definitely recommend), all other aspects of a Real Estate transaction can now done electronically.  I communicate well so that you fully understand all the main points of each contract and those same main points, and so much more, are part of the Resource Centre (Blog) of my website.

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