Disclose or Not Disclose?
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Sellers, it is in your best interest to disclose any known material facts about your property when you decide to sell. Your Realtor® can help you create that disclosure list and ensure that all potential buyers are aware of any facts that may affect their decision to purchase your property.

Fiduciary–Realtor® Duties to Clients
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When you enter into a listing agreement or buyer representation agreement with a real estate registrant, Realtor®, you become a CLIENT of the brokerage that that registrant is licensed with. That means that every registrant within that brokerage, including the owner, the broker of record, all brokers and sales representatives are held by LAW to owe specific duties to ALL clients. Your Realtor® is a Fiduciary.

Seller Agreement–Pitfalls
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There are a number of components to a Listing Agreement that Sellers should be aware of and understand. Many will be discussed in other articles. This Blog addresses 3 key areas that require careful consideration by anyone listing a property for sale.